A paper on vatican citys stance on human cloning

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The Debate of Human Cloning Essay. morality aspects of human cloning. A stance taken by many religions and their congregations.

In reality the public has a very narrow sense of what human cloning is. L'Osservatore Romano from Vatican city stated these "procedures could lead humanity down a tunnel of madness." And many other groups and. Human Cloning and International Law and should be done with regard to applying this new cloning technique to human beings.

The paper published by Wilmut et al. in the journal Nature demonstrated that it was now possible to use cells from the differentiated tissue of an adult mammal to produce a clone of apparently normal characteristics. When the media report on cloning, they are usually talking about the two types of human cloning: reproductive and therapeutic cloning.

The first type, reproductive cloning is the creation of many copies of an individual sharing the same set of genes.

It should be noted, first, that Secretary Hull did not distinguish between the Holy See and the Vatican City State; and second, that at the time membership in the United Nations was still limited to the Allies of World War II.

Neither the Holy See nor the Vatican City State chose to Permanent Observer: Bernardito Auza. Vatican City Vatican City A Vatican panel issued a stinging condemnation of human cloning Tuesday and warned against the misuse of genetic information. Human cloning, it said, represents a grave attack on the dignity of conception and on the right to an unrepeatable, unpredetermined set of genes.

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A paper on vatican citys stance on human cloning
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