Panopticism quick overview

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Foucault stage of presentation focuses on the strict and powerful structure of society. This includes heavy surveillance, strict discipline, as well as routine such as role call. Political philosophy was quick to take note of this trend.

In the last sentence of Foucault’s The Order of Things, he imagines that if the intellectual formations that preoccupied Western man were to sink into oblivion, “one can certainly wager that man would be erased, like a face drawn in sand at the edge of the sea” (OT, p.

). McDonaldization is a concept developed by American sociologist George Ritzer which refers to the particular kind of rationalization of production, work, and consumption that rose to prominence in the late twentieth century.

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Years later, in Discipline + Punish in the Panopticism chapter in the paragraph when Foucault explicitly cites Marx’s Capital, he recommends The Productive Body to his readers.

Criticism, Volume 56, Number 4, Fall 2014

Those familiar with Foucault’s style will recognize how unusual it is for Foucault to cite another scholar in this way. How to understand and explain relationships of power. Readings from Marxism, Weberian sociology, anarchism, classical political philosophy, and contemporary political science. May .

Panopticism quick overview
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