Quality of emba program

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Executive MBA

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College of Business and Innovation

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Desautels Faculty of Management

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Integrate Theory and Practice

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Employee Training and Development: Reasons and Benefits

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Learn reasons and benefits of employee training and development in this topic from the Free Management Library. Links to Learning Modules.


The Free Nonprofit Micro-eMBA has numerous modules that pertain to program development. Each of the modules suggests specific materials for review, specific topics for discussion and reflection, and specific activities to develop basic systems and practices. Achieve Rapid Advancement with the UT College of Business month Executive MBA!

The University of Toledo College of Business and Innovation offers one of the most efficient and effective blended models of on-site and distance learning found in an Executive MBA program. The Smith EMBA for a Day is a leadership event where prospective students can experience the depth and quality of the Smith Executive MBA in a convenient, day-in-the-life format.

Each EMBA-Global Asia class brings together experienced managers, professionals and executives from around the world. They are a diverse and highly engaged group of individuals who are working at the very forefront of the rapidly changing world economy.

Achieve Rapid Advancement with the UT College of Business month Executive MBA! The University of Toledo College of Business and Innovation offers one of the most efficient and effective blended models of on-site and distance learning found in an Executive MBA program.

Quality of emba program
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