Saturn corporation quality of work life qwl programs

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Organizational Change and Quality of Life Programs Approach

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study. initiated what came to be called Quality of Work Life (QWL) experiments in a number of General Motors plants in the s and negotiated with his GM counterpart to insert language that sanctioned these. The organization represents many of the characteristics typified by "Quality of work life " programs, and allows students to see the benefits of a co-operative and customer-focused HRM approach.

1. What aspects of quality of work life (QWL) programs do the experiment at the Saturn Planet Illustrate? Richard explains quality of work life in terms of eight broad conditions of employment that constitute desirable quality of work life (QWL).

He proposed the same criteria for measuring QWL. He proposed the same criteria for measuring QWL. Meghreblian has served as the environmental operations manager at the General Motors facility in Spring Hill since Prior to that, she served at the facility under the Saturn Corporation in roles including manager of environmental affairs, production operations supervisor and environmental engineer.

Saturn corporation quality of work life qwl programs
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