Seller concentration

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Market concentration

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Seller concentration

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High Concentration Mask

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The industry-specific characteristics which have traditionally been hypothesized to influence price-cost margins [Scherer and Ross, ] include the extent of seller concentration, measured as the four-firm concentration ratio, and the small business presence, measured as the number Seller concentration firms in the industry with between 10 and 50 employees [Prince and Thurik, ].

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Industrial (d)evolution: the effect of seller concentration on the likelihood of firm failure duing the Great Depression. [Mukund Bhaskar; Dartmouth College. Department of. In recent years there has been an increased incidence of export restrictions applied by developing countries to commodities and raw materials.

Commodity markets may be characterized by concentration on the buyer side, with a small number of transnational intermediary firms purchasing from supplying countries and distributing to the market, and recent work has suggested that export taxes may be.

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Customer Concentration

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Seller concentration
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Buyer and Seller Concentration in Global Commodity Markets