Software quality

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Software quality

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Software Quality

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When we talk about software quality, we are actually talking about the evaluation of the software based on certain attributes. A software quality is defined based on the study of external and internal features of the software. The external quality is defined based on how software performs in real time.

Quality software is reasonably bug or defect free, delivered on time and within budget, meets requirements and/or expectations, and is maintainable. EtQ is the leading quality, EHS and compliance management software provider for identifying, mitigating and preventing high-risk events.

Software quality is the result of the user experience. But software quality should not and cannot be a reactive action to external defects. Software quality is built from the ground up, with design and development methodologies, and with a special focus on testability, coverage, and flexibility.

The objective of measuring the software quality is to use the received results for planning the budget and schedule, estimating costs, testing and QA, debugging, etc. Still, the main goal is to measure the quality.

In the context of software engineering, software quality refers to two related but distinct notions that exist wherever quality is defined in a business context: Software functional quality reflects how well it complies with or conforms to a given design, based on functional requirements or specifications.

Software quality
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