Youth at risk research paper

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Health effects of smoking among young people

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At-Risk Youth

Recent reviews of research and intervention strategies relevant to the prevention of HIV risk behaviors among youth in the developing world (see references below) have pointed to significant gaps in knowledge and substantial research needs.

behaviors. For example, a youth that has a low delinquency risk processed in the formal system is likely to begin identifying with higher risk delinquent youth and, as a result, begins to “fit in” and exhibit similar attitudes and behaviors as higher risk delinquent youth.

FROM RESEARCH TO PRACTICE – EVOLUTION OF THE JEFFERSON PARISH. The paper is based on lessons from three decades of demonstrations and evaluations that have focused on at-risk youth.

Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs)

It presents ideas that government agencies and foundations may want to test through demonstrations a imed at filling important service and knowledge gaps.

Volume 7, No.


1, Art. 23 – January Young People, Risk Taking and Risk Making: Some Thoughts for Social Work 1). Elaine Sharland. Abstract: Policy makers, professionals and the public have become increasingly concerned with identifying and managing young people who are not only troubled or at risk, but troubling or work, however, has been relatively silent on the subject.

Research on risk factors for suicide has increased knowledge about which youth are at heightened risk for suicide, but much less is known about risk over the short-term and when an adolescent is at greatest suicide risk.

A Look at Immigrant Youth: Prospects and Promising Practices

Knowledge of these short-term risk factors is essential for informing clinical decision making – for instance, when. Disconnected Youth: A Look at 16 to 24 Year Olds Who Are Not Working or In School Congressional Research Service 1 Introduction A young person’s detachment from both the labor market and school is an indicator that he or she.

Youth at risk research paper
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