Zara quality management

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But we know that Zara has the Cost Leadership so in this regard they have a Competitive Advantage. Zara had opened stores in Oporto, Portugal, New York, USA, and Paris, France (Inditex, ). Utilizing Zara’s strong brand image, Zara Home was introduced inproviding housewares. Later, inthe first online store was launched to sell Zara Home products (Inditex, ).

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Sep 24,  · Zara, bad product quality, good customer service September 24, · by Pepper Bells · in Business Development Marketing Communications, Fashion, Shopping. Today to my utmost horror my beloved Zara bag was broken when I got home.

Zara has made major capital investments in production and distribution facilities and uses them to increase the supply chain’s responsiveness to new and fluctuating demands.

It produces complicated products in-house and outsources the simple ones. Quality: Zara brand is synonymous with the cutting edge of fashion at affordable prices. Another Quality advantage is the added sense of quality to the product as the tags would be labelled with “made in Europe” rather than “made in China” due to Zara’s trade-off between Low labour costs in Asia and operational efficiency.

Zara quality management
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